HTML email marketing

  • Emails with visual impact
  • Comprehensive result tracking
  • Attractive design
  • Responsive layouts
  • Increased brand awareness

Marketing strategies are shifting to include and increasing number of online methods, as opposed to old fashioned direct mail, billboards, or cold calls. Online marketing has many advantages in terms of price, effectiveness, and customization capabilities. The most difficult part about reforming your marketing strategy to include online channels is educating yourself on what is available.

You have certainly received HTML email, but maybe you didn't know it by its name. When you open a message and find what appears to be a website page, with colors, graphics, and carefully formatted text, you are looking at an HTML email. They can appear to be sales flyers, newsletters, or other marketing materials, but it is much more cost effective to create these as an email than as physical mail. HTML email is more likely to gain the attention of the people you are sending it to and generate sales than plain text emails. They are more visually appealing and professional in appearance.

Benefits of HTML email marketing campaigns

Maybe you're wondering why you need to email your customers at all. Not many reasons exist to not take advantage of this inexpensive method of communicating with your clients and sales leads. With HTML email, you can send them regular messages that include offers and information that they are interested in, for a fraction of the price of snail mail.

Your email campaign should be carefully crafted to ensure that you do not send too many email or messages that your customers are not interested in. In order to convince people to remain on your mailing list, you need to send them email that make them feel like a part of an exclusive club, not just a sales pitch. Well developed email campaigns build customer loyalty and increase sales.

How can I get it?

If you're thinking that an HTML email campaign sounds great and are wondering how to plan one, we can help. We have experience in creating professional HTML email campaigns that will captivate your customers. Contact us today for a free consultation covering what frequency and types of email would be most effective for your company's HTML email campaign. Whether you are interested in a monthly newsletter, new products announcements, or exclusive sales offers, we will design a message that is customized to your needs.

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